Funeral Bier Barriers

After having to come off of display for several months due to damage, the funeral bier is finally back on display with our brand new barriers!

During the last summer holidays the funeral bier was unfortunately damaged to due some rather exuberant small visitors. We had to take it off display so we could fix the damage and come up with a way to keep the bier on display but protect it from being damaged again. We applied for a grant from ICON and Tru Vue and were successful in our application. We have now set up clear museum grade acrylic barriers to either side of the biers plinth so that visitors can still enjoy and learn about the bier without it being too exposed to the possibility of damage. If you have a look at the pictures below you can see just how well the new barriers blend in! We have had our first school holiday since getting the bier on display and the bier hasn’t received any damage – success!


IMG 20230606 091517957

IMG 20230606 091614552

IMG 20230606 091625630

IMG 20230606 091614552
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