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Favourite Trowbridge Fact: Trowbridge was granted one of the earliest Market Charters in England (1200!), which enabled the town to flourish.

Hannah Lyddy

Museum Manager
Favourite Trowbridge Fact: Trowbridge used to host a carnival where locals would dress up in bizarre costumes – including Doctors covered in blood splatters and a family car turned into a basket of lavender!

Tessa Kerslake

Museum Marketing & Events Officer
Favourite Trowbridge Fact: Fore street echoes the line of the castle ditch and the name Fore reflects the medieval houses that fronted onto this old street – history is there for all to see if you know what you are looking at!

David Birks

Learning & Outreach Officer
Favourite Trowbridge Fact: That there is a (fabulous) museum inside a shopping centre, housed inside the last woollen cloth mill to close in the town!

Andrea Bartlett

Museum Retail & Income Generation Officer
Favourite Trowbridge Fact: Trowbridge spinners & weavers were so angry about machines taking their jobs that they staged violent riots… However often the riots were in other towns, to save the disruption to Trowbridge!

Nikki Ritson

Collections & Exhibitions Officer
Favourite Trowbridge Fact: Trowbridge made Spitfires during WW2!  

Richard Alley

Museum Assistant
Favourite Trowbridge Fact: The town Ratbridge in the film ‘Boxtrolls’ was inspired by buildings in Trowbridge! The film is based on the book ‘Here be Monsters’ by Alan Snow – he moved to Trowbridge when he was 12.

Beatrice Bush

Learning & Outreach Assistant Officer

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