Object Highlight #12 – Clogs

The Object Highlight for this week was chosen by Kathy one of our Museum Assistants.

Wooden Clogs

Pair of wooden clogs originally for the use of firewatchers guarding Wiltshire United Dairies, Bythesea Rd, 1939-45, found when the building was demolished in 1992.

The strong support offered by clogs made them an ideal choice of shoes for miners, farmers, mill workers and firewatchers too it seems. Wooden clog shoes were worn for protection and for labour-intensive jobs and activities. Throughout the early history of wooden clogs, members of nobility would not wear wooden clogs because they were associated with the garments worn by peasants.

I particularly like these because they look like they have stood the test of time, and might possibly have out-performed their modern day counterparts made from more modern materials.

fire warden wooden clogs

Object Highlight
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