Shop Focus – The Eco-friendly Card Co


Our Shop Focus this week looks at The Eco-friendly Card Co. ‘Glebe Cottage was founded by art college student, Scott Morrish back in 1993 with the intention of supporting his passion for photography. With a plan that barely scraped a “D” in A-level business studies he obtained a small bank loan sufficient to set up […]

WEFT Focus – Dorset Buttons

Dorset Buttons

One of our fantastic WEFT workshops is being led by Jen Best of Beaker Buttons where she will be teaching the wonderful art of Dorset Button making. In celebration of this workshop we wanted to give you a bit of history in to this wonderful cottage industry. On the face of things the history of […]

Object Highlight #16 – Rotary Fuller

object highlight 16

The Object Highlight for this week was chosen by Kathy one of our Museum Assistants. The Rotary Fulling Machine This ‘new’ type of fulling machine was invented and patented in Trowbridge by engineer John dyer in 1834. It gradually replaced the noisy larger fulling hammers as it was smaller, quicker and easier to work with. […]

Shop Focus – Children’s Craft Books


Our Shop Focus this week once again returns to our selection of book ranges, specifically our children’s craft and activity books. At Bumble Dust we try to keep a varied range of books to appeal to all sorts of visitors. Our book selection changes regularly so if you see something that tickles your fancy, snap […]

WEFT Focus – Mending

As part of WEFT this year we have the Slow Stitch Club coming in to teach a workshop on visible mending and darning. We thought this would be a good opportunity to explore the history and traditions of garment mending. The rise of fast fashion meant a decline in the ‘make do and mend’ which […]

Object Highlight #15 – Aesica style Brooch

object highlight 15

This week one of our Museum Assistants, Hannah R, has chosen our Object Highlight. Aesica style Roman brooch: Jewelry is always one of those things that will always grab our attention in museums, not just because of their beauty but also because they are highly personal items. Jewelry is a outward expression of ourselves, our […]

Shop Focus- Museum Mice

Shop focus Mice

Our Shop Focus this week is looking at our wonderful knitted mice. These iconic mice are knitted by our fantastic volunteers and are completely unique. The Museum Mouse will be a very familiar sight for anyone who has taken part in our Museum Mouse Hunt over the past few decades we have run the hunt. […]

WEFT Focus – The History of Crochet


With the West of England Festival of Textiles (WEFT) in full swing we decided it would be helpful to give you a bit of the history behind the crafts we will be holding workshops for. Today we will examining the history of crochet. Telling the story of crochet is actually much trickier that you would […]

WEFT Focus – Babs Behan

WEFT Focus Crochet

In the lead up to WEFT next month we wanted to do a series of posts about the workshops, talks and crafts which are going to be showcased during the exhibition. Our first WEFT Focus is Babs Behan and the Bristol Cloth talk. Babs Behan is a natural dyer and specialist of non-toxic natural dyeing, […]

Object Highlight # 14- Evacuees Photo

object highlight 14

This weeks object highlight comes from Beatrice, our Learning and Outreach Apprentice. Photo of evacuees – I find it so amazing to see such a historic moment in a setting I am so familiar with. So often when we think of evacuees during the Second World War we think of people leaving London or scenes […]