Stroudwater Textile Trust

We have recently had a visit from some of the wonderful volunteers from the Stroudwater Textile Trust who manage the Dunkirk Mill Museum over in Nailsworth. The volunteers over there do a fantastic job with demonstrations for most of their machines. They visited us to get a look at our brilliant Teasel Gig. When the Mill that originally housed our Teasel Gig shut down, one Gig was promised to Trowbridge Museum and one to Dunkirk Mill. They finally have space set up to put the Teasel Gig out on site but unfortunately it is in pieces and needs to be rebuilt. Our machine is the sister to theirs so they decided to visit to get a good look at it and measure it all up to see exactly how it should look when fully restored.

"photo of an older gentleman standing on a step ladder measuring a teasel gig"

We look forward to seeing what it looks like when it is all fully restored and in its fabulous new home. If you are interested in the Stroudwater Textile Trust sites follow this like to their website :

In case you are interested in what the Teasel gig looked like in its original mill, here is a great photo of it in situ before it was transported to us.

black and white image of the teasel gig

black and white image of the teasel gig
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