Object Highlight #7 – Volunteers choices

We thought it would be good to get another point of view when it came to objects that speak to us so we decided that we would ask some volunteers for their favourite objects. This week we asked one of our Front of House volunteers Alan for his options and here is what he had to say:

‘I had a great deal of difficulty choosing these items but here we go with my favourites:

Panel Beating Hammer :

wooden mallet

An unassuming article that has a strong and clear link to the building of Spitfire here in Trowbridge. This mallet or hammer would have used to shape the metal panels that formed the bodies of Spitfires produced at Hattersley Heaton, formerly Newman Hender on Bradley Road in Trowbridge in the 1940’s.





Flapper Dress:

White flapper dress on a mannequin

This dress represents a time of enjoyment following on from the bleak years of the First World War. Flappers were icons of the Roaring Twenties and perfectly embody the desire for change and freedom that existing post-War.








The artistry of the shear man wielding such a heavy  object in order to do such a precise piece of work is something I admire.








Football Boots:

football boots

Simply because I love football!

Object Highlight
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