Object Highlight #30 – Volunteer Choice

This week our Object Highlight was chosen by our Volunteer Moira

1. Henry De Bohun statue

I have chosen the statue because it is a Victorian romantic imagining of what Henry De Bohun might have looked like, a noble knight as in the hymn ‘When a knight won his spurs in the stories of old, he was gentle and brave, he was valiant and bold, with a shield on his arm and a sword in his hand, for God and for valour he rode through the land’. But we don’t know what he looked like in real life and know only a little of his character.

a life size black statue of henry de bohun with the arms crossed and a stern look on his face wearing chain mail helmet and a tabbard

2. Soup Kitchen plaque

This stone plaque commemorating the founding of a soup kitchen in Trowbridge is relevant today.

image showing the stone slab commemorating the opening of the soup kitchen

3. Victorian toy horse and carriage

I have chosen this intricate and delicate model of a horse and carriage as it must have been the much loved toy of a lucky little boy. He must have been from a wealthy family as I’m sure it must have been expensive. I think it’s the equivalent of a modern toy racing car and can imagine him galloping it around his nursery, not allowing his sister to play with it, and being the envy of his friends.

IMG 20230218 143947370

4. 1920s beaded flapper dress

What a beautiful dress from the glamorous decade of the roaring twenties, one hundred years old now. I like the purple geometric pattern, quite Art Deco, and the Japanese influence of the birds and flowers. It must have taken hours to be made and decorated.

Image of a purple flapper dress with an intricate bead pattern including flowers cranes and flamingoes

Object Highlight
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