Object Highlight #22 – Volunteers Choice

For this weeks object highlight we go back to asking our volunteers for their five favourite objects from our collection. Susie, one of our front of house volunteers has chosen these five as her highlight objects:

Henry de Bohun Marquette

Manga Carta was such an important document forming the backbone of both British and American law. How amazing that one knight who put his seal on this was from Trowbridge.

a life size black statue of henry de bohun with the arms crossed and a stern look on his face wearing chain mail helmet and a tabbard

The Fulling Stock.

Whenever l look at this huge wooden hammer l am aware that this was the first piece of technology connected to the woollen industry. One water powered fulling mill is mentioned in the doomsday book at a time when all other processes, carding, spinning weaving and finishing the wool were hand operated.

large wooden hammer shaped object


The Two Flapper Dresses.

Because they are just fabulous.

Image of a purple flapper dress with an intricate bead pattern including flowers cranes and flamingoes

a nude pink sequined flapper dress sparkling under a spotlight


The Portrait of the Unknown Lady.

A lovely picture of a beautiful young lady with a thoughtful expression. I would mind hanging this in my house.

portait of a young white lady leaning on a fireplace with a mysterious smile on her face

The WW1 exhibit.

In memory of my father whom l remember when l look at this exhibit. He was born on November 4th 1899. Sadly he had a very unhappy youth and ran away from home in the Summer of 1916 then enlisted in the army having lied about his age, yes he was 15. He was 18 years and 7 days old when the war ended. He never talked about his experiences and he went on to be a fire watcher in London throughout WW2 which he also never spoke about.

IMG 20220905 161623525


IMG 20220905 161620119


IMG 20220905 161558296

Object Highlight
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