Object Highlight #21 – A Double Bill

This week Beatrice, our Learning and Outreach Apprentice has chosen two things as our Object Highlight as one is not strictly speaking an Object!

Coronation video –

I love this video because it is such a joyful thing to watch. It was such a moment of celebration and something that the whole country really got to experience together. It’s also great to see the fashion at the time!

View from upstairs of Trowbridge’s old mill buildings –

Though this is not actually part of our collection it is a great way to get an insight into Trowbridge’s rich industrial heritage. The views are amazing as our top floor is higher than most of the buildings in Trowbridge. The Mill used to be two floors higher than it is in the present day but after burning down twice they decided not to build up higher again. Despite this the building is still high enough that you can see lots of the other mills that are still standing as well as lots of other historical buildings such as Bridge House and St James Church. If you haven’t been up to admire the views yet I can highly recommend popping up to the upper gallery and having a good look.

collage of images showing the view from the windows on the top floor of the museum

Object Highlight
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