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8th December 2021
We will be closing the museum on Monday 20th December. We will open as usual on Tuesday 21st December and our Christmas opening days are below:…
8th December 2021
Last week we had the first of our two festive needle felting courses and it was a brilliant success. The group made little white mice using needle felting techniques and the results are very cute. The below photos were…
7th December 2021
Well the Museum has received a lovely early Christmas present in the form of two new Museum Assistants! Introducing Hannah Randall (left) and Kathy Davis (right). Many of our regular visitors and volunteers will recognise Hannah as she has…
1st December 2021
This is notice to say that we will be closing the museum at 1pm on Friday 3rd December – we are having our Friends and Volunteers Christmas party that afternoon so we will all be enjoying some fun, frivolity…
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