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25th May 2022
Where, oh where, has Stumpy gone? Stumpy gets a lot of love and attention from visitors and little hands (sometimes, a little too much love), so you may recall earlier this year, that poor Stumpers lost an ear! We…
20th May 2022
With the West of England Festival of Textiles (WEFT) in full swing we decided it would be helpful to give you a bit of the history behind the crafts we will be holding workshops for. Today we will examining…
18th May 2022
In the lead up to WEFT next month we wanted to do a series of posts about the workshops, talks and crafts which are going to be showcased during the exhibition. Our first WEFT Focus is Babs Behan and…
10th May 2022
We thought we would get in here early and let you know what our opening hours will be over the Jubilee Bank Holiday. We will be closed from Thursday 2nd through to Sunday 5th June. We will be open…
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