New staff members

Well the Museum has received a lovely early Christmas present in the form of two new Museum Assistants! Introducing Hannah Randall (left) and Kathy Davis (right). Many of our regular visitors and volunteers will recognise Hannah as she has been a volunteer at the museum for many years now and joined our team in October. Hannah will often be seen helping set up new displays in the gallery and assisting Nikki with the Collections and Marketing side of the Museum. She is an avid crafter who enjoys natural dyeing, crochet and sewing.

Kathy has just joined us in November from English Heritage and we are so excited to have her join our team. Those of you who have signed up for our newsletter (there is a link to sign up for this on our home page!) will already have heard from Kathy as she has taken over newsletter duties. Kathy has a passion for all things spinning, knitting, dyeing and textiles. Kathy and Hannah are very excited to be helping plan WEFT next year and can’t wait to start giving you some sneaks peaks of plans in the works!

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