New handmade products for Bumble Dust

Thanks to everyone who helped us make these, we now have 14 bags and pouches of various sizes and colours to sell. They would make perfect presents for anyone, and can be used for storing jewelry, make up, pens and pencils, as well as electronic devices and gadgets as well as a whole range of other uses too.


Some of the bags are made using fabric made by us on the ridged heddle looms and some using remnants of fabric made on the looms here at Home mills. All of the bags and pouches have contrasting linings and zippers and each have a label with information about the fabric and the project. They are very reasonably priced between £8.00, £10.00, £12.00 and £15.00 each, and the hand woven long keyrings are £4.50 each.

TBM Pouches 1

TBM Pouches 2

TBM Pouches 4

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