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Stone Age Life (Home Educators)

This workshop is aimed at home educated children aged 8 – 11 years old (corresponding to KS2 at primary school).
In this workshop we are going to go back into pre-history to look at the Stone Age. We’ll examine different aspects of Stone Age culture including technology, art and everyday life through objects, images, textiles and role-playing. During the workshop we will look at the famous Lascaux cave paintings and have a go at recreating them using stick brushes and clay-based paints, learn about everyday life through a range of replica objects and carry out our own “archaeological dig” as we investigate how archaeologists have uncovered pre-historic life. The workshop begins with an introductory activity that traces human development from the Stone Age, through the Bronze Age, to the Iron Age.

Activity 1: Introduction to 50,000 Years of History! (The Palaeolithic – Iron Age) (Whole Group)
Activity 2: Stone Age Art (2nd Floor – Ed. Room 1)
Activity 3: Stone Age Technology (2nd Floor – Loom Displays)
Activity 4: Archaeology (2nd Floor – Temporary Exhibition)
Activities 2 – 4 are done in rotation in smaller groups.

We realise that you may have to bring pre-school and young children with you – this is perfectly fine – but please read the terms and conditions (9 & 11) when you make the booking.

Although these workshops are aimed at children aged 8 – 11 years slightly older or younger children may also benefit from participation. Please make any bookings based on your children’s age, ability and interest.

Please find the specific Risk Assessment here

Please find the general Risk Assessment here

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• 6th Dec 23 - 10:00am to 2:00 pm


Admission £7

Stone Age Life (Home Educators)

8-11 years old

Admission £7

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