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Backstrap Weaving Workshop with Rebecca Connolly

In this workshop you will be weaving with this easy to use loom comprising a Rigid Heddle, a Back-strap and you!

Your loom will be ready with a British Wool warp for you to get weaving straight away; each participant has their own loom to use in the workshop.

Rebecca guides you through learning and using key weaving techniques and pattern design; transferable skills relevant to all types and sizes of weaving looms. You will be able to weave a length of up to 1m, approx 20cm wide.

You will be encouraged to experiment with different yarn types and colours, with a bias towards the British wools and Natural Dyed colour used in Rebecca’s own practice.

The steps for setting up a loom, like the ones used in the workshop, will be demonstrated to those interested comprising; winding a warp, threading and tensioning.

The sampler you create is yours to take home – you can simply display as a hanging, or after a gentle wash to close up the weave and some stitching, used to embellish a garment/cushion or made into a 3-D object such as a little bag.



• 15 October 2022 - 10:30 am to 3:30 pm

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Admission £55

Backstrap Weaving Workshop with Rebecca Connolly


Admission £55

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