Temporary Exhibitions 2017

‘Banned’- An exhibition exploring Outsider Art

From Saturday 4th February there will be a display of never before seen posters designed and hand-painted by Edwin F. Harris in the 1960s and 70s. Mr Harris held very strong views on a number of controversial subjects such as hunting and animal testing, and many of his posters have a strong religious theme. Painted in often garish colours to emphasise his feelings, the posters are very graphic and often quite disturbing, and whilst a challenging exhibition to view, it will no doubt generate lots of interesting discussion.

Next exhibition:
West of England Festival of Textiles 2017 (WEFT)
26 August – 18 November

The biennial West of England Festival of Textiles (WEFT) aims to highlight the history of textiles and crafts in the West of England, celebrating regional contemporary textile artists, craft groups and students through exhibiting their work.
WEFT 2017 is focusing on some of the traditional crafts such as tatting, netting, lace and button making. Today perhaps more unusual or less well known techniques, they were once very important for decorating and embellishing textiles.
The display will show both intricate Victorian examples from the museum’s own collection, as well as the amazing work by contemporary crafters who use the techniques in a new and unusual ways.
During WEFT you can also visit the Memory Lab, a space created by the West Wilts U3A craft groups, and the display showcasing the fantastic work by the West Country Knotters.
You can have a go at some of the techniques on Saturday the 9th of September, 10am-1pm at our WEFT Craft Day.