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The museum’s origins are with the Garlick Collection of paintings and prints that were previously displayed in the Civic Hall. A number of important collections have subsequently been added including Whitaker, Aplins and the Jean Morrison Collection. We have several collections that represent important local, now sadly closed, companies, including Bowyers, Ushers, Aplins and Taylors, and many other small collections reflecting the history of Trowbridge and its inhabitants.

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We acquire objects, archaeological finds, photographs, art works and personal ephemera through donations, purchases and loans, however, we have an acquisitions policy and only acquire items that fill gaps in our collections or have a strong link to Trowbridge and the surrounding villages. If you have something that you think we would be interested in acquiring please contact us in advance.

Our collecting area covers Trowbridge and the outlying villages – you can download a Trowbridge Museum Collecting Area Map showing the precise area we cover.

For a brief summary and examples of objects in each collection, click the links below.

Garlick Collection

Whitaker Collection

Jean Morrison Collection

Aplins Collection