Lots of creative fun at the Trowbridge Museum!

The museum runs regular workshops and events for young people and families in the school holidays and on occasional Saturdays. We’ve run loads of different activities over the years, everything from finger painting and scrap modelling to puppet shows and historical re-enactors, and have established an excellent reputation. The majority of our art and craft workshops are free, but we do charge for the history workshops.

Bath Spa student Kate Ward demonstrating weaving on a card loom

Most of the art and craft activities are suitable for children aged 5 and over, but younger children can often join in if mum, dad, the grandparents help out – we do like to encourage adults to join in anyway. Sessions usually last for forty minutes and we give out timed tickets so that you don’t have to hang around waiting.  Whilst we lead lots of the workshops ourselves, we do bring in some really great freelancers, and sometimes even Bath Spa University students – there’s an amazing amount of talent available.

The activities are either linked to the museum’s collections and exhibitions or else a specific important date in the calendar such as religious dates, sporting events and festivals so there’s bound to be something that will appeal you. We’re also very keen to support local events such as Trowbridge In Bloom with our annual flower art workshops and the National Play Day when we have a stall in the park.

Our history workshops are more suitable for older children as they involve reading and writing, and they consist of a range of challenges, puzzles and craft activities, and the person with the highest score at the end of the day wins a prize.

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  1. linda freeman says:

    Please can I have an up to date list of events. Thank you.

  2. trowmus says:

    Hello Linda,

    Would you like me to add you to our e-newsletter mailing list? This way you’ll get etails of everything.

    David Birks

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